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Dividend Advantage Program!

Get rewarded with a dividend check simply for shopping! The EASIEST dividend program you'll ever find!


Here's how it works:

1.) Shop as you normally do (all items, including sale items, count towards your dividend total!)

2.) Get an email stating your dividend total one year from your first purchase

3.) Use that dividend check on ANYTHING in the store!


All that's needed is your name and email and you're set! Just another way for us to say "thank you" for your continued patronage!



Our fitting process:

At Foot Traffic, we provide expert fitting advice for ANY person that steps in our doors. Walker or runner, fast or slow, each and every one of you deserve a pair of great fitting shoes.


Foot guide

All of Foot Traffic's staff has been trained to take you through our COMPLIMENTARY VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS to analyze what shoe works best for your foot. They also have a tremendous amount of experience walking, running, and hiking. Combine this with in-depth knowledge of the shoes we carry and you get a complete experience that will keep you moving down the road or trail with happy feet, legs, hips, bodies, and minds.





Questions about that nagging pain in your knee? Wonder why your achilles is so stiff in the morning? Can't figure out how to fix that sore heel and arch?


At Foot Traffic, we've got the answer to these questions and more. Not only is our staff experienced at all levels of running and walking, but we invite podiatrists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals into our store each year to get updates on preventitve treatments, new products, wellness advice, and more! If our staff can't answer your question, we have a great database of resources to send you to.